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Acupuncture for Preconception & Natural Fertility

Family Maternity

Pre-conception care is extremely important when planning to have a baby. Ideally, it is advised to plan ahead. The perfect time to start acupuncture is three months before conception or an assisted reproductive cycle. As it takes around 90 days for eggs to mature, this will ensure that your eggs are at the best quality, and your body is in a state of readiness to receive the fertilised egg.


However, research suggests that acupuncture may still improve your chances of becoming pregnant if for some reason you started acupuncture treatment later than the recommended 90 days.

Your treatment plan will incorporate a holistic approach to take a comprehensive look at the menstrual cycle to see how each phase of your cycle is performing in order to see where improvements can be made. We will also discuss taking your basal body temperature, signs of ovulation, your general health, diet and lifestyle and any stress which could be affecting your reproductive wellbeing.

This service is only available for women.

Fertility Reflexology is available for both women and men

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